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August 4, 2012
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N. ItalyxHalf-Neko!Reader-Request

Feliciano was coming home from another long day of training. Ludwig could work him hard, but he knew it was only to make him a stronger person. As he was walking towards his house underneath the streetlight-lit commuter along the sidewalks, he heard a sharp rustling noise followed by a loud clang! Startled, Feliciano jumped back and screamed in fear.

"Please-a don't hurt me!" he begged out into the empty street only made visible by the stale lighting of the electric glow of the streetlights overhead. "You can-a take my pasta, or my flags, or my money (but I don't-a have any on me at the moment), but please don't-a hurt my fragility!"

Feliciano's pleas were in vain because after listening to nothing but the silence and the soft hum of people chatting in their living quarters, he came to the conclusion that there was no one there.

"Ahh, it must have-a just been-a the wind," the nervous wreck of an Italian sighed in relief.

As he proceeded to continue, he heard another loud rustling.

"Ve! Don't hurt me!" Feliciano screamed out again. This time, he was certain someone—or something—was out to get him. Not wanting to face whatever was making the undetectable noises, he clamped his hands to his ears and began to run blindly down the sidewalk—only to trip a few seconds later on some laid-out garbage bags.

"Ve—!" Feliciano cried and fell face-first onto the concrete. Luckily nothing got bruised so he was able to pick himself up again and survey his surroundings. Then, the rustling noise grew extremely loud. Whatever was making the noise was right among the trash bags.

Letting out a gasp, Feliciano fell back to the ground in surprise, and his eyes feel upon one of the most peculiar things he had ever seen.


"Ve?" Feliciano responded.

The girl…cat…thing…had her large (e/c) eyes completely focused on Feliciano. Her long tail waved back and forth curiously, and in her mouth was something that looked like scraps of a neighbor's leftovers.

"Ve, what's una bella ragazza doing here at-a such a late hour?" Feliciano asked and lifted a ripped piece of black plastic off the cat-girl's head. The cat-girl responded by shaking her…ears…and scratching her head.

"Ragazza, do you-a have a place to go?" he asked quietly. The cat-girl only stared.

What if she can't speak? Feliciano wondered.

That question was answered when the cat-girl opened her mouth and began to…

"Gyyaaooo," she yawned.

"Ve…What am I supposed to do?" Feliciano wondered. He had brought in stray cats before, but this looked like a bigger problem than he could handle. It didn't look like the girl had any place to go to, and she must've been hungry if she was searching through people's garbage. He had to do something.

"Ve, ragazza, guess what?" he said. "Why don't-a we go back to my place so we can-a have some pasta?"

The cat-girl responded by leaning towards him and began to sniff him curiously.

"Ve…That tickles," Feliciano chuckled. Suddenly, he felt something hot and stinging run across his cheek. When he placed his hand at the tingling sensation, he found that it was bleeding. The cat-girl had scratched him.

"I'm-a sorry! I didn't mean to do whatever it is that I made you do that-a for!" he shouted and pleaded for the cat-girl to show him mercy. Then, he heard the sound of something rumbling and thought it was the cat-girl growling, but it was actually her stomach.

The cat-girl frowned and clutched her stomach close to her chest.

"Ve, you're hungry, aren't you?" Feliciano said sadly. He wanted to help, but he was afraid he would get scratched again. Then, he had an idea.

"I know! Maybe Heracles knows-a something about you! Wait-a right here, ragazza! I'll be-a back before you can say 'pasta!'"





"Uh…Heracles…What do you-a think?" Feliciano asked nervously wondering if it was a good idea to call the Greek all the way out in his neighborhood.

Heracles continued to stare hard at the cat-girl with a serious look trying to look for a proper answer—at least, that's what Feliciano hoped he was doing.

Finally, Heracles spoke. "It's a sort of neko," he said.

"Ve? Neko?" Feliciano echoed curiously.

Heracles nodded. "I heard about these things from Kiku. They are very popular in Asian media and pop culture."

"So what-a does that mean?"

Heracles turned to Feliciano and gave him a stern look.

"I want to keep her," he said with a mellow voice that nearly contradicted his serious statement.

"You can't-a do that!" Feliciano cried and waved his arms around. "She looks-a like a human, too!"

"She looks like a cat," Heracles insisted. "I like cats."

"Ve, but-a she's not completely a cat!" Feliciano pointed out.

"This isn't going to work," Heracles decided. "I know: why don't we let her decide?"

"That sounds like a plan!" Feliciano said. It would have been fun having a ca—neko-girl in his care.

--Reader's POV--

The two men were offering you lots of food. They all tasted good. You weren't hungry anymore.

"So how do you-a like it?" the one with the funny curl asked. It looked bouncy. You wanted to play with it. So you did.

"Ve, stop-a that!" the curly-haired one shrieked. He sounded funny when he shrieked.

"Perhaps you would like to play with this instead?" the one with the flat mushroom hat said and dangled a toy mouse in front of you. It looked cute. You liked cute things. So you began to play with it instead of the curly hair that made the other guy make too many noises when you pulled it.

"That's a good kitty," Mushroom Hat said and pet you behind your ears. You let out a satisfied purr.

"Ve…" Curly Hair sighed.

Suddenly, you smelled something strange on Mushroom Hat's hand. Was that…? It was! Other cats! How dare this man touch you! If he had other cats, how could he pay attention to only you?!

In your anger, you scratched Mushroom Hat on his hand and hissed for him to get away.

"Well, that has never happened before," Mushroom Hat said taken aback and examined his hand. "…Ouch."

Whatever. The other one's food tasted better. And he didn't smell like other cats. You crept over to him and nuzzled his chest. It was warm. You liked warm things.

"Ve? You chose-a me over Heracles?" Curly Hair smiled and ticked you behind your ears. You began to purr again. "Uh, Heracles, are you alright with-a me keeping her?"

"I don't think she likes me," Mushroom Hat said softly still looking at his hand that had swollen scars forming. "I should get going now, Feli. It's late."

"Ve, buona notte," Curly Hair said and waved. Before Mushroom Hat left, he turned around and looked at you.

"Are you going to give her a name?" he asked.

"Ve, I think I'll name her, ____________," Curly Hair said. You smiled. It sounded like a nice name. "She likes it, too!"

"That's good," Heracles smiled and said goodnight to the both of you. "Oh. One more thing: Kiku told me neko-girls like to play with things that dangle or stick out—like your curl. I recommend you watch out."

"G-Grazie…" Curly Hair said nervously.

Who cared about Mushroom Hat's warning? The curly strand of hair looked like so much fun to play with! So you began to play with it. Curly Hair was beginning to look uncomfortable. Maybe he was hungry.

"Ve, stop it, ____________..." Curly Hair whined. "Didn't you-a hear Heracles?"

You didn't stop. He couldn't stop himself because of that.
Yet another strange request. I'm debating whether or not the reader is a furrie. Something tells me she's not. I'm not even sure this falls under romance. Ah, well.

This is a request made out to :iconneko-neko-nyan:.

By the way, if you read carefully, you'll notice that the style of writing changes when getting to the reader's POV.

I do not own any characters of Axis Powers: Hetalia. They belong to Himaruya Hidekazu.

Any similarities to characters, settings, scripts, or stories from other pieces of literature or media are purely coincidental.

ŠThis story belongs to me, ~GydroZMaa.

EDIT: Okay, I know some people want this to continue, but in all seriousness, I technically don't owe anyone anything--I'm doing these requests for free for crying out loud (but that's going to change when I go back to school)! Even if I wanted to continue this, I have many other things that I need to get to before summer vacation ends ([link]) so please, stop asking me to continue this and look at the comments below. If I do choose to continue this, I will not get to this for a very very long time. Please understand that I'm doing enough for everyone already--more than most people would bother to--so you all have to be really patient. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as frustrated, but I really can't take another workload right now.
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