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August 21, 2012
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Request-Mother!ReaderxChild!Axis, Romano, Prussia

"Okay, kids. It's time for bed."

All five little boys were cuddled together underneath their blankets for warmth. You had always tried to pair them in ways that would prevent anyone from getting on each other's nerves, but one boy or two would always find a way to stir up trouble.

"Ow! Mama, Kiku's hitting me!" Gilbert whined.

"Kiku, did you hit Gilbert?" you asked the quiet boy with soft brown eyes and short black hair. Kiku shook his head "no." You crossed your arms and turned back to Gilbert.

"Gilbert, you're not lying, are you?" you asked. "Because if you are, you know what that means: no dessert for an entire week."

"You tell white lies all of the time, Mama," Lovino reminded you.

"Those are different," you pointed out trying to assert yourself.

"I don't think so," Gilbert added.

"Both of you stop it," you snapped.

"Mama, tell us a story," Feliciano said cuddling closer to Kiku.

"Ja. Tell us a story," Ludwig said eyeing you eagerly.

"Will you all promise to go to sleep nice and quietly if I do?" you asked your five children. Everyone including Gilbert and Lovino nodded.

"Alright then," you smiled and gathered everyone close to you. "Then how about I tell you a little story about five brave boys who ventured out to rescue a beautiful princess:

"There once lived a woman with her five sons. They lived happily for a long time, but soon, it was time for the sons to go out into the working world and find trades for themselves.

"When the time came, the oldest son, Gilbert set out to be a hunter. He became the best hunter the world ever knew."

"Awesome!" Gilbert piped.

"Yes, Gilbert," you giggled and continued. "Gilbert was very good at hunting. Why, he could even shoot eggs carrying little chicks in half without killing the chicks inside!" Gilbert's face turned white at this. "And so, for his fine skills, he was presented with a gun that shot with remarkable accuracy, so accurate that he could never miss no matter how off the aim was as long as its target was true.

"The second son, Kiku, became an astronomer."

"What's an astronomer?" Kiku asked.

"It's someone who studies the stars," you explained. Kiku looked very pleased. "After many years, he became the best astronomer in the world. For his hard work in finding so many stars and constellations, he was rewarded with a telescope that could see to any distance he so wished so as long as he pointed the telescope in that direction.

"The third son, Lovino—"

"Not Lovi?" Lovino butted in.

"The third son, Lovi," you corrected yourself with an amused smile, "became a thief."

"Why do I have to be a thief?!" Lovino whined.

You chuckled and wagged your finger. "Ah, but this is Lovi, the thief—not Lovino, the thief." You continued on with the story while Lovino pondered whether or not the thief was actually him or not.

"As his brothers before him, he became the best in the world at what he was good at. He could steal anything without the owner noticing. Because of that, he didn't even need a gift. He was that good."

"Hey!" Gilbert snapped. "No one can be more awesome than Gilbert, the hunter!"

"Gilbert, the hunter is already good enough at his trade than anyone in the world," you pointed out. "Would you rather be the world's best thief?"

"Nein," Gilbert shook his head. You continued.

"The fourth brother, Ludwig, became a carpenter. His skills were, of course, the finest in the world. He was given a set of tools that matched his skills, and he made the most beautiful pieces of work with them."

"Like houses?" Ludwig asked.

"Yes, Luddy," you nodded. "Houses, boats, carvings, furniture—anything you can think of that is made of wood."

"Paper is made of wood," Kiku said. "Did the carpenter make paper?"

"Yes, he could," you chuckled. "Ludwig, the carpenter, could make paper. And we come to the last son, Feliciano."

"That name's too long," Gilbert said. "Call him 'Feli.'"

"I like that name, too," Feliciano agreed.

"Alright. Then we'll call him Feli. So Feli, the tailor, was…Guess, everyone."

"The best!" all five boys cried in unison.

"That's right," you laughed. "He could even mend the eggshells that Gilbert, the hunter, shot open so the chicks inside would be able to hatch safely."

"That's good," Gilbert breathed in relief.

"As a reward for his great skills, he was given a needle that could mend any sort of material together whether it be cloth or steel.

"So now that all five sons became the best at their trades, they asked themselves, 'Now what? We maybe the best, but now we have nothing left to strive for except being the best at what we do.'

"Then, one day, a messenge floated through the five brothers' town. The message was from the king saying an evil and ferocious dragon had captured his beautiful daughter, a princess. The king also promised that whomever saved his daughter would be allowed to marry her. This got all five brothers excited. They knew that they would not be able to save the princess by themselves so they all agreed to help each other in their quest to rescue her.

"First, they needed to find out where the dragon was. So then, Kiku used his all-seeing telescope and located the dragon on the top of a mountain surrounded by rough seas, and fierce winds. He deducted that in order to get there, they would need a boat."

"Ludwig can build boats!" Feliciano cried.

"That's right! He could!" you smiled. "So Ludwig used his amazing carpenter skills and built the finest boat that would be able to sail even the roughest of seas that separated them from the dragon. With the boat finished and Kiku to guide them along the right path, the five brothers set sail to rescue the princess.

"When they arrived, they saw how big and scary the dragon actually was. He was so big, he could swallow houses whole!" To emphasize his size, you spread your arms out really wide making the boys tremble in fear.

"The brothers were too afraid to take the dragon straight on for they were afraid that if Ludwig killed the dragon, he would accidentally crush the princess under his great weight. But guess who could take anything from anyone without being noticed?"

"I can!" Lovino answered excitedly.

"No, you can't!" Ludwig protested. "Lovi, the thief can! You're just Lovi!" Lovino stuck his tongue out at Ludwig.

"Boys, behave," you reminded the children.

"Sorry," Ludwig and Lovino apologized allowing you to continue the story.

"But, yes, Lovi, the thief, could take the princess away from the dragon without him even noticing, and that's what he did. So once the princess had been safely taken aboard the brothers' boat, they set sail for her kingdom to be reunited with her father.

"But soon, the dragon realized that his princess was taken from him. In his rage, he flew after the brothers' boat and began to breathe fire and beat his wings creating a storm that put even Ludwig's fine boat into danger. Now it was Gilbert's time to shine."

"Who else but the awesome me?" Gilbert boasted.

"It's Gilbert, the hunter, remember?" Kiku reminded him. You threw Gilbert a warning look to tell him not to stir up any trouble.

"So as I was saying," you continued, "Gilbert took out his magnificent—"

"Awesome!" Gilbert corrected you.

"His awesome gun," you corrected yourself, "and shot the dragon straight between the eyes killing him."

"Hooray!" the five boys cheered.

"But the story doesn't end there," you said. "The dragon was in the air, after all, and when he died, his body fell right on top of the boat."

"Oh no!" everyone gasped.

"Oh yes," you said with a grim tone. "But no one was killed. They were able to save themselves from drowning—the princess included—by clinging onto the remaining pieces of wood that lay scattered over the seas, but now, they were without a boat. Ludwig couldn't make another boat because he was without the proper pieces, but with the right work, the remaining pieces could be mended."

"That's where Feli, the tailor comes in, sì?" Feliciano guessed.

"That's exactly right, Feli," you grinned. "Feli, the tailor, used his special needle and mended together a vessel that was strong enough to make a smaller, but suitable ship for sailing on. The brothers used this new and patched ship to sail back to the princess' kingdom.

"When they arrived, the king and his daughter rejoiced, and as promised, he offered his daughter's hand to any one of the brothers—but only one brother could have her hand. As a result, a fight broke out amongst everyone.

"Kiku claimed that they would not have even found the princess if it weren't for his telescope, Ludwig claimed that they would not have even gotten to the island without the boat that he built, Lovi claimed that they would not have been able to safely rescue the princess without his excellent thieving skills, Gilbert claimed that they all would have died had he not shot and killed the dragon, and Feli claimed that they would not have been able to get home if it weren't for the ship that he mended together.

"So then: who do you think should have gotten to marry the princess?" you asked everyone.

"Kiku," Kiku answered.

"Ludwig!" Ludwig shouted.

"Of course, it should be Lovi!" Lovino cried.

"Gilbert's awesome so he should get everything!" Gilbert boasted.

"Ve, I think Feli should marry her," Feliciano said.

You burst out laughing. "You boys are really self-centered, aren't you?"

"What does 'self-centered' mean?" Feliciano asked.

"It means to be like Gilbert," you answered half-joking, half-serious.

"Hey!" Gilbert pouted.

"I'm teasing, Gilbert," you laughed. "But, I'm almost done. Just hang on a little bit longer okay?

"Finally, the mother stepped in and told her sons, 'You all should stop fighting this very instant! If you think about it, you were all able to accomplish such an impossible task because you worked together. If you fight like this, nothing will get done. So set aside your arguments and look beyond everything that you have done. You are the best in the world's eyes. You are the best in my eyes, too.'

"Then, her sons stopped fighting and realized that it was pointless to quarrel over something that had brought together their talents in the first place. They truly were amazing when they worked together, and so, they would remain that way. They turned to the princess and the king and said, 'Thank you for your kind offer, Your Highness and m'lady, but we will decline. Our bond as brothers is stronger than a single one of us getting married to a princess. If it means tearing us apart, then we'd gladly stay single.' And with that, they bid the princess and the king farewell, and returned home with their mother. The end."

"B-But…" Lovino stammered. "No one gets the princess!"

"Isn't it better to have each other than being married to someone you don't even know?" you asked.

"Well…" Lovino hesitated. "I suppose it is nice having brothers—even when some of them are complete stupid imbeciles."

"Lovi, don't use that language," you told him.

"Ve, I think the mother was right," Feliciano said. "It's much better to have four brothers than one princess."

"But the princess is rich and beautiful, isn't she?" Kiku asked.

"Who cares?" Gilbert snorted. "I'm so awesome, I don't need silly things like that to get in my way. It's much better being alone."

"Says you, bruder," Ludwig said. "I'd much rather have brothers than a princess."

"That's very sweet, Ludwig," you smiled.

Lovino yawned. "All of this talk is making me tired."

"Me, too," Feliciano agreed and rubbed his eyes.

"I'm tired, as well," Ludwig added.

"I am, too," Kiku joined in.

"I'm not," Gilbert said, but you noticed that his eyelids were getting droopy.

You giggled. "I think it's about time you all get some rest," you suggested. "It's late, and your stories can wait until another time. I just really hope you all don't fight over one girl."

"Mama's the only girl I'd fight over," Feliciano said.

"Ja," Ludwig nodded.

"Goodnight, Mother," Kiku yawned and closed his eyes.

Lovino and Gilbert just grumbled and turned away so you couldn't see their facial expressions.

"Good night, boys," you said and gave each one a kiss, tucked them in, and got up to turn off the light to their bedroom. "Sweet dreams."
This doesn't fall under romance. Just say that the kids are adopted because I don't think it's possible for someone to have so many kids with different ethnicities around the same age.

By the way, the story the reader tells is from the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales. I forget the title, though. There were only four sons, but for the sake of there being five, I added a carpenter.

This is for :iconthemysteriouspoet:.

I do not own any characters of Axis Powers: Hetalia. They belong to Himaruya Hidekazu.

The original story belongs to the Brothers Grimm, though they have passed on and different arcs have sprouted up.

Any other similarities to characters, settings, scripts, or stories from other pieces of literature or media are purely coincidental.

©This story belongs to me, ~GydroZMaa.
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