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August 5, 2012
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Hong KongxReader-LEMON-Request

All of the lights in your house were on so it wasn't too scary.

"Leon, the lights kill the mood," you had told your friend, but he had insisted that the lights stay on as the two of you cuddled under some covers and huddled close together on a futon.

"It's, like, only a movie anyway, I suppose," he had said.

"Does that mean it's okay to shut off a few lights?" you asked confused about the context in which your Hong Kong friend talked.

"No. The lights will remain on," Leon answered, and it remained that way.

After a good period into the horror movie that Leon had put on, you heard a loud rattling noise outside.

"What if that's the noodle spirit…?" you whispered softly to Leon and leaned closer to him despite it being completely light in your house.

"Don't worry about things like that," Leon said dismissively. "I heard that, like, there was going to be a storm, I suppose. So there's really nothing to fret about—unless you want there to be something to worry about."

You didn't catch that last bit. "Wait, what did you mean by that?"

Suddenly, another loud rattling noise came from outside, and you dove under your covers.

"It's just the movie, ___________," Leon sighed and pulled down the covers so you could see the television screen again.

"You have no right to be acting all tough," you teased. "You're the one who wanted me to turn on all of the lights, after all."

"____________, I was just, like, hoping it could help you, too," your friend monotonously said and continued to stare at the screen. "Like, I don't want you getting all clingy and everything, but you still are, I suppose."

"It's not my fault…" you grumbled and tried to keep your full attention on the movie.


When the movie finished and the credits were rolling, you and Leon began to exchange verdicts.

"That wasn't as bad with the lights on," you said. "But seriously, don't you think it would have been scarier if the lights were off?"

Leon paused for a moment. "Either way, I was, like, hoping that you would get totally scared and grab onto me."

Well, that couldn't have been more straightforward, you thought to yourself.

Your friend paused again. "_____________, we've been, like, hanging out together for a long time so, like, I wanted to be able to tell you how I feel, I suppose."

"What were you going to tell me?" you asked curious to know what Leon had to say about you. You couldn't make out your friend's facial expression.

There was another pause. "I wanted to say that ngóh oi néih."

Of all the things Leon would say in Cantonese, you were unfamiliar with that phrase.

"I've never heard that before, Leon," you admitted honestly. "What does that mean?"

You heard Leon sigh and grumbled softly. He sounded like he was having a hard time translating or something.

"It means, 'I love you,'" he finally said.

"Oh…Wait—wha…?" Gosh, this guy can be straight-to-the-point!

"I love you, _____________," Leon repeated trying his best to remain stoic.

"R-R-Really?" you babbled. Then that means he also…

"Leon…I love you, too," you confessed.

Leon's facial expression was still neutral, but you were certain that whatever expression he might have been wearing was something other than emotionless.

"I was hoping you'd say something like that," he chuckled nervously. "Now that we, like, know each other's feelings, we can kiss, I suppose."

You frowned thought it didn't matter since Leon couldn't see your face, either. "You're really not one for elaborate details are y—?"

Before you could finish your question, all of the lights in your house went out. The storm must've caused a black out.

"Oh, shoot, I'd better find a flashlight," you said and was about to get up when Leon pulled you back down and kissed you full on the lips. You tried to break free so you could breathe (and find the flashlight), but Leon's grip was strong…and trembling.

"Leon—mrrmpf! Leon, what's gotten into you?" you hissed and tried to pry him off, but your friend kept continuing. As he continued to kiss you, you felt his entire body shaking, but his facial expression was masked by the pitch-black darkness.

Then it hit you. How could I have forgotten? Leon's afraid of the dark!

The poor guy—though he wouldn't admit it—must've been trying to keep you with him by kissing you, and he was trying to distract himself from the darkness, too.

"Silly Leon," you giggled and ran your fingers through his thick dark-brown hair. "If you're afraid of the dark, why didn't you say so?"

"I'm totally not," Leon insisted, but his trembling voice told you otherwise.

"If you really want, I'll stay here with you," you offered and began to kiss him back.

"Dòh jê, ___________," Leon thanked you softly continued to move down to your neck.

"You're welcome, Leon," you smiled and allowed Leon to distract himself even further. But then, you realized he was taking himself a little too far.

"L-Leon?" you whimpered when you felt his hand creep under your shirt and move to your back to undo your bra. You wanted to pull away, but your friend's entire body was still shaking; he was still scared. On top of all of that, it was only instinct that you didn't try to stop him. Not even when the clip to your bra snapped and your top came off did you put up any resistance. If you could distract Leon from any discomfort, then you would be here for him. You loved him, after all.

"Leon, what were you saying earlier? How did those words go? N-N-go oy…?"

"Ngóh oi néih," Leon answered for you.

You tested it out. "Nnngóh o-oi néih? Is that how you say it?"

"I suppose," Leon chuckled and started to take off his shirt. It was a shame you couldn't see what his body looked like underneath his clothes since the room was too dark, but you remembered that he would often practice martial arts so he had to be fit. Just to make sure, you ran your fingers down his chest and felt around his lean, but sculpted, muscles.

Leon responded by pressing his bare chest against your and kissed you again, his tongue entering your mouth through your lips and the sound of clothes rustling as he took off his jeans. Once he was completely stripped bare, he proceeded to work on you and tore off your skirt/pants. When he got to your panties, he felt around the thinly laced undergarment that prevented him from entering you.

"You're already wet?" he asked in a hushed murmur.

You giggled and felt your cheeks begin to grow hot. "What do you mean by 'already wet?'"

"You want to find out?" Leon whispered, his voice dripping with a seductive note.

"I suppose," you grinned and pulled him in for a kiss. Just as your tongues began to intertwine for dominance, Leon slipped off your drenched panties and thrust himself inside of you.

A shrill cry escaped your throat, and a flood of emotions and heat filled your body as Leon moved his hips back and forth, causing waves of electrifying pleasure rippling down your spine.

Leon pressed his lips to your neck, found a tender spot, and began to suck.

He's just like a—ungh! A kid… you thought as he continued to roll his tongue over your raw skin. With his hips still rhythmically moving, Leon made his way down to one of your breasts and nipped softly at it making you purr in satisfaction. Your insides were scorching hot by now with the friction of his member rubbing against your inner walls generating an irritating heat.

As you were reaching your climax, you heard the familiar hum of the television buzzing with electricity. The power was back on.

"Leon…" you moaned and weakly opened your eyes. His body was even more attractive than you had pictured in your mind.

"Leon, the power's—nngh!—back on…!"

"Like I care," Leon whispered and continued to move inside of you thrusting his member further inside of your walls and contacting your core. Your walls were secreting discharge at an uncontrollable rate at this point. It was spilling onto the sheets, soaking you and Leon with a hot fluid. Not too long after you did, Leon released himself into you, his seed entering your tight cavity and passing through your core.

Finally, Leon stopped and fell next to you, his breath coming in short gasps.

"___________..." Leon breathed, "I think…I, like, found…a way to brave the darkness, I suppose…"

You moved over and kissed your friend on the lips.

"It will only work when I'm around," you giggled.

"Then stay by my side, ____________," Leon said with a serious look in his soft brown eyes. "You'll be my light."

"Leon," you laughed and dug your fingers into his bangs making him moan, "I can't be with you all of the time."

"Then I'll just have to kidnap you," he said with a straightforward attitude.

"Oh, gosh, Leon," you groaned. "It's late. Why don't we just—"


"Eeauugh!" you screamed when the noodle spirit popped up on the television screen after the credits finished.

"Oh that's right. I had forgotten about that," Leon said, unfazed. He cuddled you close to his chest and wrapped you in a section of covers that wasn't soiled.

"It's okay, __________. I'll be here to protect you from scary movies if you stay with me, like, every night."

"That's the worst trade ever!" you snapped. Although…

"It's a deal, Leon," you smiled.

"Okay. Now to take care of the noodle spirit."


With a flamboyant array of stunts, Leon flipped the television remote into his hand with his foot and clicked off the television set.

"Let's just get some sleep, Leon…" you groaned.

"Yeah, I suppose we should," Leon said returning to your futon and began to kiss you. It was annoying as heck, but he had insisted that the lights remain on for the entire night.
A request for :iconemmyaltava1:. There aren't too many Hong Kong lemons out there...

*Groans* I know I said I'd do lemons, but this isn't very good...I probably just end up disappointing people...The plot doesn't make sense, the *beep* is bad, the story drags on, the lines are corny...*Continues to self-criticize*

I do not own any characters of Axis Powers: Hetalia. They belong to Himaruya Hidekazu.

Any similarities to characters, settings, scripts, or stories from other pieces of literature or media are purely coincidental.

ŠThis story belongs to me, ~GydroZMaa.
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