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“__-______________, stay still,” your dragon instructed. “Please, it’ll only make it harder for me to—”

“Ah…! L-Lukas, it’s hot!” you squealed. As you said that, a viscous steaming-hot liquid began to creep up to your thighs, soaking you through and through and irritating your skin.

“Lukas, hurry,” Emil panted. “I’ll take her from behind. It’s going to shoot at any moment.”

“Lukas, I’m so wet…” you whimpered, feeling your body going limp. Exhausted from your efforts, your eyelids began to droop from expelling so much energy, trying to endure the pain.

Sensing you were about to reach your breaking point, Lukas quickly latched into your wrists and gave them a tight squeeze, signaling he was about to act. He knew he had to be careful; one faulty slip-up, and the three of you would have been left in searing pain.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to have gone. You felt foolish. You had initially proposed that you all try this out for a different, yet enjoyable experience, but, of course, there were never any simple, blissful moments when it came to spending time with your dragons.

For starters, the suction was stronger than any of you had expected—Lukas most of all, though he wouldn’t admit it aloud. Then there was the fact that it was hot—so hot, in fact that you had to bite your lips to prevent yourself from crying.

It didn’t take long after the three of you had started off that you realized your proposal had been a bad idea. The hole was too tight, and if you, Lukas, and Emil didn’t hurry, all of you were going to be in a world full of hurt. There just wasn’t enough space for all of you.

Plus, none of you had accounted for the fact that it was going to shoot so quickly and forcefully, multiple times throughout the course.

That aside, your thoughts of regret were interrupted when you felt Emil grabbing your waist and pressing his chest against your backside for support. He was trying as hard as he could. Despite being a dragon, this kind of heat was unfamiliar to him in his gods-gifted human body, and his flawless, pearl-white skin was completely drenched in sweat adding to your already soaked frame.

“______________,” Emil whispered in your ear, testing his voice out carefully so as not to make you panic, “I need you to push against me.”

“What? But, Lukas—”

Now,” the lavender-eyed dragon said in a stern voice. “Please…it’s coming, and none of us can do anything to stop it. You’ll have to trust me.”

You sighed. “Emil, since when have I never put my trust into you?”

With that, you leaned yourself deep into Emil’s chest and grunted as you felt his torso push against you. At the same time, Lukas was at your front, his hands still clenching onto your wrists and thrusting you up from under him.

“Ah!” you suddenly squealed. From under you, your entire waist was now covered, burning, and wet. Steaming tears began to stream from your eyes as you stared at Lukas.

“_______________!” Lukas and Emil cried together, their voices full of worry. With you stuck in between them, it was as though they were afraid they would break you if they were too rough.

“I-I’m fine,” you panted. “I’m stronger than I look. You don’t have to be gentle with me. We need to get out before…”

“It’s coming!” Emil gasped. “I can feel it!”

“Dammit, hurry up then!” Lukas grunted and tugged at your wrists.

Emil was right. You could feel the sensation running from your waist all the way down to your very toes. Your entire body trembled as the motion grew increasingly vigorous, hot air threatening to burst through the surface.

“Gods…!” you yelped. “Hurry! It’s coming! Lukas, hurry!”

“I’m trying!” the dragon hissed, clenching his teeth. Any moment now. You did not want to feel the same intense pain you had felt from before. You did not want to relive the experience of having your skin tinged an angry red or undergo the painful gurgling motion treading through your legs.

Not again.

You wanted out.

However, the suction was pulling as hard as before. Occasionally, your hair would get in the way of your vision forcing you to spit it away from your eyes. It hardly made a difference, though. Beyond the steam and being blocked by Lukas’ body, you could hardly see anything. The only thing that reassured you that there might have been some liberation to this was the fact that Emil and Lukas were with you at this very moment.

As the three of you struggled and grunted in vain efforts, you could hear their thought screaming in pain and near exhaustion as they worked to free you.

It’s no use… you whimpered. We’re stuck…

But, as your luck would have had it, a sudden burst of air shot out from beneath you and hurled you at Lukas’ head. With little to no time to react, he grunted right before feeling the hard contact of your forehead colliding with his nose, Emil following from behind.

With the three of you splayed against the heated ground, you could hear the loud hissing sound of steam, water, and mud gushing into the air and splattering all over your skin. Had you not been blessed with the powers of the Sapphire Flames, you knew without a doubt that your skin wouldn’t have gotten away with just a few minor burns here and there. The same went with Lukas and Emil as dragons.

“Let’s get out of here!” Lukas barked and pulled you to your feet as his brother had already recovered.

In time, you had all found shelter behind a secure garden of rocks. Tiny bright-green plants lay scattered about the rich, gravelly soil signifying that this place was free from those abominable bursts of steam and molten earth spewing from the ground.

“_____________...” Lukas wheezed.

You lethargically turned to the blue-eyed dragon. “Yes?”

“Never tell us to do something that stupid again. Ever.”

A wave of relief washing over you, a smile began to tug at your lips.

“I got it, Lukas,” you chuckled. “I’m sorry.”

“You’d better be,” he replied, his voice trailing off as he stopped to close his eyes.

“Emil are you okay?” you asked.

“I…” Emil took a moment to catch his breath. “I’ve been better.”

“Same here,” you smiled.

Now that the excruciating experience was over, you gathered what was left of your energy and looked back at the spot you had accidentally fallen into. On your travels, you had heard of a valley filled with gushing water and steaming pits of gray mud and boiling water. Being the curious eccentric that you were, you had spontaneously suggested that you three go traversing the land to see how it was faring after Dragonfall had ended.

Unfortunately for the three of you, not too long into your little expedition, your foot had broken a thin layer of the crust that had been masking a rather small, but potent mud pit. Moments later, you had also discovered that the pit was not only hot enough to melt a normal human’s skin, but it was active with pockets of air that would explode into showers of steam and mud, scorching you nearly to the bone.

In an act of desperation, Emil had jumped into the pit after you—only to find that it, too, had been a mistake. With the two of you inside the pit, there was little to no room for leverage, and you soon found yourselves enduring explosion after explosion of hot mud and the occasional spout of water from nearby geysers.

With him being the only one on the surface, Lukas had to take extra precautions to make sure he would not break the thin surface and fall into a pit as well.

The mud thick, the water hot, the steam unforgiving, and the pit deep, you were certain that you had spent at least the last twenty minutes trying to pull yourselves out of the pit in vain. In that time, you had sunk waist-up into the pit, Emil slowly following behind.

Needless to say, it had been an awful ordeal, one that you would never want to experience again if ever at all. You were sure with the way Lukas and Emil were exhausted and shaken, they did not want to come back here, either.

“Hey, Emil?” you croaked, looking over at your companion.

“Yes, ______________?” he responded.

“If you were having so much trouble, why didn’t you just bother to transform into a dragon? I’m sure it would have been easier.”


Lukas snorted. “Brilliant. Why couldn’t you have brought that up twenty minutes ago? My clothes are tattered, my skin is on fire, and my appearance is absolutely wretched.”

“Forgive me, Lukas,” Emil replied. “I wasn’t thinking straight at the time. Besides, this sort of experience can make do for another great story to tell the humans.”

“Bah,” his brother spat. “A memory is useless compared to the suffering we had to endure.” He paused and leaned his head against a rock. “In any case, I can’t imagine how the story might go. Described at a certain point of view, I’m sure some part in our struggle to get you two free will sound absurdly vulgar to an adolescent’s ears.”

You laughed. “Oh, Lukas, you think too much about it. The story will be fine. I’m sure no one will find the story vulgar or anything remotely standing for innuendos.”
:meow:Happy April Fool's Day, everyone~

Axis Powers: Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekazu. 
This story and picture belong to me, GydroZMaa
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Heh. It's also because sometimes I get people who don't have a dA account reading my stories. They cannot go past the filter unless they have an account, so this way, it's open to everyone.
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