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♫~ toward morning ~♫

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Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 34
~Chapter 34~
Dawn couldn’t have arrived any slower. Berwald’s question bothered you throughout the night and drove your eyes awake multiple times. Tino told you several times in the night to try and get some sleep, as you would be leaving for the eastern trading post in the afternoon, but you were too restless to let sleep come to you.
Mathias, unlike you, was sleeping rather soundly for someone who had been forced to bring painful memories back into question not long ago. It was the same with the rest of your party, save for Lukas who had left his bed sometime in the middle of the night. You thought about putting off your sleeping hours to look for him and stall time until the sun rose; however Tino advised against bothering the Divine Keeper of the Sapphire Flames during the night.
“Still unable to fall asleep?” Tino hadn’t been able to rest his soul, either, seeing as how your thoughts constantly projected onto him. As a result, the two of you we
Romania x Reader ~Big Buts~~Big Buts~
The power of a three-lettered word could be incredible when used in the correct way—and in the wrong way. Every time you present an opinion or listened to another, there was always that one word, that little conjunction that made a big different in the way you perceived others and yourself.
But this happened, but that was like so. But, but but. It was a small word with a big impact. It was a big but.
“I like what you’ve done with your hat, bu—”
You tried again. “I like what you’ve done with your hat, and I think it would look even more presentable if you wore it with a matching tie.” It hurt to replace that "but." You were so used to delivering the contradictory conjunction that this new manner of speaking never seemed to roll off the tongue.
Vladimir seemed to have it down, adjusting whichever way it made you feel comfortable, and to his credit, you felt more comfortable about recei
Collage Diaries 25Collage Diaries 25
Had the cloaked grand sorcerer been present, the puffin master and the Chan king would have been demolished within seconds. Both of them didn’t know that during his spare time, the cross curser would train in high-level dungeons to collect rare items and rack up on experience points, resulting in nonstop increasing levels in competition with the King of the North.
Since the cross curser was left off to his medical studies tonight, however, PuffinMaster0624 and KingChan were free to roam the lands of Hetalia Fantasia to their hearts’ content.
“Good thing your brother’s not here, eh, Ice?” Leon spoke off screen in the real world. There was little point in hosting a private chat server since their users were in the same room. It made things quite convenient for cooperative play.
“He’s probably off studying,” Emil spoke with relief in his voice. His brother would have given him a tongue lashing if he found out he was
Collage Diaries 24Collage Diaries 24
“You look like a sack o’ shit.”
Every sound, every syllable, every word cut itself deep into Emil’s deteriorating soul as he rolled off to the side and stared at the ceiling above him. It was late afternoon now. He was still in his bed. On a Wednesday.
Emil had skipped all his classes.
“I feel like a sack of shit,” he told Leon who had just gotten back from his economics class. “What time is it?”
“It’s…two hours until dinner.”
Emil sat up like a spring toy. “Why didn’t you wake me?! I had lecture today!”
“So did I.”
He furiously punched his pillow and flopped back down on his springy mattress. “Leon…I’m so screwed.”
His friend hadn’t changed his smug reaction. “Ice, like, you don’t have to go to class every day in college. It’s not the end of the world. No one takes attendance.” But some classes did. In fac

Newest Artwork

Fantasia Denmark

Fantasia Denmark by GydroZMaa

Stuck Indoors

Stuck Indoors by GydroZMaa

Raspberry Attack

Raspberry Attack by GydroZMaa

Shiny Norway

Shiny Norway by GydroZMaa

My Daily Deviation ;v;

Free Magic Trio Icon by GydroZMaa

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What is a jelly comic?

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 17, 2015, 1:13 AM

Jelly comics, as some of you might know, are my recent style of comics that I've been doing. You know, the ones where there are around 2 frames of jiggle animation. An example is included below: 
   By the Earth and the Stars by GydroZMaa   

My choice of art style comes from the short, sweet, and simple concept of making something cute and appealing while also trying to emphasize a slight ridiculousness of the punchline. In part to being sweet and short like a dessert, the overlapping linework makes the images appear to jiggle, hence why I chose to call them "jelly comics."

This isn't to say I've been lazy with my comic art. It surprisingly takes just as much time for me to do one of these as it does my old comics. There are expressions I can also bring out into characters that I would not otherwise be able to do with realistic depictions--such as Norway's jealousy and Hong Kong's somewhat bold nature. Plus I get to practice using my colors and chibis. Two things I'm bad at. 

I've become kind of reserved when sharing process videos here because of "reasons" but if you want to see me do a little bit of one in real-time with my sickly voice, you can click the leaf here:

Skin by GydroZMaa.
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