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Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 38
~Chapter 38~
Mathias and Berwald had been taking shifts for a while now. While still recovering from the eruption earlier, one dragon would tend to you, and the other would take a moment to rest.
At some point close to evening (though it was hard to tell with the skies being covered with smog), Leon had paid you all a visit to check up on the resort. Both parties were surprised to see the others still alive, though he did mention how resilient dragons were despite nearly being wiped out at one point. He didn’t stay for very long, since Berwald had given the former dragonhunter a cold and deathly stare.
The shifts continued for what must have been two days when at last, the others returned miraculously in tact, though the same could not be said about the state of their cleanliness. Everyone was covered head to toe in dark ashes. With their faces being so black, Mathias had nearly mistaken them for shadowy monsters and almost fought them off when Lukas had barked at him to let them
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 37
~Chapter 37~
Mathias and Berwald had been noticeably lagging since you made that purchase of pyreberries. The berries must have possessed an addictive property for dragons because they wouldn’t stop eating them behind you. Several times you had to tell them to remember and save some for the Eye of the Topaz Blizzard when he got his body back, but alas, even Berwald with his everlasting concern for his friend could not resist the temptation of the spicy treats.
“Please, ________________, make them stop,” Tino seemed to whine. “There won’t be any left for me if this keeps up.”
Really, Tino? Is it that big a deal?
You looked back to make sure the dragons were still in your sights. In a place this crowded and dangerous, you needed to make sure they were close at all times. Still, as you checked up on them, you thought there was a reasonable amount of pyreberries still in stock. The jar had cost you a pretty pouch of gold, so the least the d
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 36
~Chapter 36~
Just as the Golden Sentinel had predicted, Mathias was well and ready to go adventuring by the crack of dawn. None of you had mentioned anything to the easterners about the blood in the hot springs and had instead focused on where you would explore to find clues about dragons.
“I was thinking we split up into two groups,” you suggested. “Berwald and Mathias will go with me to the town, and Lukas, Emil, and ~~~~~~~~~ will go investigate the mountain.”
The Divided-in-Opinions Coot of Farts did not seem very pleased; however, there was seldom to say that could please him having come so far. “And why should you go into the town while we take the long route to the mountain?”
“Because Mathias and I have more experience working with humans. Berwald’s coming with me no matter what I say, and ~~~~~~~~ might be able to sense something if there is a similar place to Eldur Mountain nearby.”
The Dragonheart made no protests. “
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 35
~Chapter 35~
The terrain changed from early winter snows to a vast array of sickly needle trees, dried brush, and crisp winds without rain or snow in sight. The caravan passed through mountains with glistening gray rocks and marble veins, rapid waterfalls that blasted through weathered stone, and cliffs that appeared to be soaring above the clouds in a sea of white.
Here, the air was thin, and your head began to feel dizzy and faint. Like a growing weight, your heart grew progressively heavier until you thought you would topple over. Often, you had to lie down and take a rest, being unused to the high climates here in the far east.
How quickly the region seemed to change in such a short amount of time! One moment, you remember staring at nothing but barren landscapes, the next, the entire world seem fleshed out with foliage, strange miniature wildlife, and clouds and needle trees to no end. The smells were different than back home, and the dragons were using their time to take in as mu

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2000 Feet

2000 Feet by GydroZMaa

It's officially autumn.

It's officially autumn. by GydroZMaa

Papasan Nest

Papasan Nest by GydroZMaa

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand by GydroZMaa

My Daily Deviation ;v;

Free Magic Trio Icon by GydroZMaa

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New HongIce Group

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 9:23 PM

I made a new HongIce group called :iconhongxice:. It's pretty much the same as Hong-KongXIceland-fc, but with me being the founder, I can make adjustments that I otherwise couldn't have managed as a co-founder. (The founder of the old group is inactive.) I'm going to be active in HongxIce from now on, since the other group is full of inactive members and little nuisances beyond my control. It'll sort of be a place for me to stash my Hong Kong and Iceland stuff, and anyone's free to hop on board. 

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The pairing podcast is up! 

4 deviants said Enjoy awkward rambling while I try to do pixel animation.
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