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Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ 1414: Functional
Like a wave of blood thirsty rats leaping at their generous prey of bones and meat, the horde of dust bunnies leapt at you in an attempt to expose your one true weakness: a magical allergy.
But, much to their confusion and your relief, the only thing you experienced was something anyone born in the Hither would go through: a sneezing fit. That wasn’t to say you enjoyed it. You might have been fine with just getting away with a craving for alcohol like one of Arthur’s brothers, but at least nothing looked too serious.
Forgetting about the situation of running into a sneezing fit, you were now wondering what you were going to do about the eruption of dust bunnies that magically appeared. This wasn’t good at all. If any members of the Magic Trio came inside to check on you, they were going to let loose an entire army of dust bunnies onto the streets. That was going to prove a problem. Luckily for you, just in case something like this happ
Dragon!Norway x Reader x Dragon!Iceland ~Steamy~
“__-______________, stay still,” your dragon instructed. “Please, it’ll only make it harder for me to—”
“Ah…! L-Lukas, it’s hot!” you squealed. As you said that, a viscous steaming-hot liquid began to creep up to your thighs, soaking you through and through and irritating your skin.
“Lukas, hurry,” Emil panted. “I’ll take her from behind. It’s going to shoot at any moment.”
“Lukas, I’m so wet…” you whimpered, feeling your body going limp. Exhausted from your efforts, your eyelids began to droop from expelling so much energy, trying to endure the pain.
Sensing you were about to reach your breaking point, Lukas quickly latched into your wrists and gave them a tight squeeze, signaling he was about to act. He knew he had to be careful; one faulty slip-up, and the three of you would have been left in searing pain.
This wasn’t how it was supposed to have go
Collage Diaries 16Collage Diaries 16
Traveling around with someone who knew where he was going was a pleasantly reassuring experience. It was like having a tour guide without actually having to rush things or pay to run his mouth. Allistor would just say what he wanted, whenever he wanted.
“…That over there’s the Weeping Fountain,” he pointed out, noting a sculpture of an angel with her hands covering her eyes. From openings in between her fingers, water trickled out at such a rate that made it appear as though the angel was continuously crying. It was rather depressing.
“Never knew why they built that piece of shit,” Allistor sneered. “It’s freaking weird.”
Everyone in his group could agree.
“So,” their chaperone continued, “once we get to the fishing wharf, you’re supposed to pick up a thing or two about how the piers contribute to the commercial income here in Chottsym. I’m going to just brief you folks about it, and
The weather channel predicted light showers this afternoon. It is morning. He will not need an umbrella where he is going.
His brother, a clockwork morning coffee drinker, leans back from his chair before he sets out.
“Are you nervous?” he asks.
“No,” comes a reply. “See you later.”
Railways and buses are abundant in the city. The world has changed since the Tekniq Era. It is a better place. It is a more convenient place.
Where the tide of the pedestrians takes him does not concern him. Time only matters. He will know he is in the right place when the numbers turn into zeros. He continues to walk until then.
The crowds soon become congested. He slips past the pedestrian traffic and changes his route in a different direction. He remembers there being a park on a rooftop of a conventional building. He goes there.
The light showers start earlier than expected. His hair dampens in the light moisture soaking into his white bangs. There is no one e

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Gladeslight by GydroZMaa

Korea Doodle

Korea Doodle by GydroZMaa

Megane Denmark

Megane Denmark by GydroZMaa

A Different Kind of Classy

A Different Kind of Classy by GydroZMaa

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Contest of Time

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 17, 2014, 5:25 PM

Greetings, everyone! My group, APH-Best-Readers, is hosting its second contest!

The theme: Time

For this theme, you may pick a variety of alternate universes, plots, concepts, and angles. Some examples of incorporation include: time travel, passing of the years (aging), countdown, waiting, the toll of time, and even actual clocks, themselves. Be creative!

:bulletred: Rules:
- You must be a member of APH-Best-Readers in order to submit into the "Time Contest" folder. Only entries submitted to the contest folder will be accepted.
-New stories only, please.
- Your entry must be a reader-insert using at least one Hetalia character. Only entries using Hetalia characters will be accepted.
-Please keep your entires 1-5 parts long. The quality of your writing should remain consistent throughout.
- Your entry must follow the group rules. If you don't know how to find them, here they are: [link].
- Please put a link back to this journal in the description of your entry. Help us get the word out!

:bulletblue: What we’re looking for:
- Good grammar, spelling, conventions for fiction writing, etc. This group is for the very best in Hetalia reader inserts, so your entry must meet our standards.
- A developed plot, Hetalia characters in character, flow, etc. Essentially we are holding your plot and the flow of your story to a high standard just like the proper grammar and spelling. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask us to help you with your English.
- Creativity! Don’t just write a recycled plot. Think outside the box and really impress us!

The deadline for this contest will be April 30, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Late entries will not be accepted. You have over a month so be sure to put some thought and effort into your entries!

:bulletyellow: Prizes:

First place

-200 points from GydroZMaa
-A one-shot from GydroZMaa
-A full-bodied drawing of 1-2 characters from GydroZMaa
-A llama badge from GydroZMaa
-A one-shot from autumn--thunder
-A one-shot from doubleox515
-A drawing from hellodair
-A one-shot from hellodair
-A one-shot from XxViidGamexX
-A llama badge from XxViidGamexX
-A portrait from Noru-kinz
-A watercolor drawing from ImmaEatUrYaoi

Second Place

-100 points from GydroZMaa
-A one-shot from GydroZMaa
-A full-bodied drawing of 1-2 characters from GydroZMaa
-A llama badge from GydroZMaa
-A one-shot from autumn--thunder
-A one-shot from doubleox515
-A drawing from hellodair
-A one-shot from hellodair
-A one-shot from XxViidGamexX
-A llama badge from XxViidGamexX
-A pixel icon from Noru-kinz
-A watercolor drawing from ImmaEatUrYaoi

Third Place

-50 points from GydroZMaa
-A one-shot from GydroZMaa
-A half-bodied drawing of 1-2 characters from GydroZMaa
-A llama badge from GydroZMaa
-A one-shot from autumn--thunder
-A one-shot from doubleox515
-A drawing from hellodair
-A one-shot from hellodair
-A one-shot from XxViidGamexX
-A llama badge from XxViidGamexX
-A watercolor drawing from ImmaEatUrYaoi

Again, the deadline for this contest is April 30, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Good luck everyone, and have fun! And, please, spread the word! Prize donations are also welcome! :dummy:

Skin by GydroZMaa. Backgrounds by Gasara.
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Your art is marvelous! Watch+!
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Excuse me, but would you mind if I borrowed your world of Eliatha for a story?
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Ok, I'm sure you get this a lot.....But you are an amazing author! Your literature is very inspiring and interesting, it keeps the reader engaged.
The reason that art (writing, engaging, and all of it) is valuable is precisely why I can’t tell you do it. If there were a map, there’d be no art or literature, because art is the act of navigating without a map~
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Thx 4 thy e llama!
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